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No two people are the same. The reasons and issues that I see are as unique as the people I see. So in order for me to determine how to best be of service, the starting place is always the same.

The first step is the Exploration Entry Point. I do this with all new and prospective clients to more accurately assess the best treatment program length and what that will include. This 30 minute phone exploration allows us to ‘meet’ and determine where to begin.

This is holistic work and so lines can seem to blur between areas once we begin, but I offer three different entry points: Emotional, Nutritional, and Physical. On our exploration call we decide where we will dig in. If functional testing or lab work is deemed necessary for nutritional, emotional or physical work we will discuss here. This saves money and time in the long term by performing the appropriate diagnostic testing and evaluation before the journey begins. I say “test, don’t guess.” Identifying the underlying patterns contributing to disease is the key to a successful and lasting outcome.  

Because of the depth of the work we will be doing I require a five session minimum (beyond our initial exploration, in most cases) to provide a solid foundation for meaningful progress. It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about your condition and what you could expect along your journey to health and healing.  

Explore with Jator


Exploration Entry Point 30 Min phone

Not sure where to start on your journey? This initial call provides an opportunity for us to get to connect as human beings and determine if my approach is a good fit for you, If not, I often refer would-be-clients to other highly qualified experts that may be better suited to their acute needs. If we both feel good about moving forward, well then YAY! At that time we can discuss the information needed to proceed with a treatment plan.

Initial Consultation
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Do you have something specific to work on? Just need a tune up? I offer single sessions that let us free-form, riff, and uncover what might be in the way of your highest well-being.

Individual Coaching Session
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These sessions designed to be a targeted tool to get straight to the heart of the matter. However, most of my clients take part in one of the three packages that I offer so that we can dig deep into the Soil of Self to get to the root of the matter and make lasting changes. I can provide further information about these packages at our consultation.