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About Jator Pierre


explorer of self

curiosity cultivator

 walker of earth

 shadow seeker


All of the parts of myself, Jator… the eternal seeker, the vlogger, the comic-obsessed hockey player, and the lifestyle & wellness coach are all dedicated to helping you understand all the parts of you because it is only through curiosity and self understanding that you can make the best choices for your health and well-being to truly THRIVE!


I have always been an observer and a freedom seeker. I was drawn into this work nearly 20 years ago from a place of curiosity and that’s how I live my life and do my work… CURIOSITY is what it all comes back to.


I chose this work because I learned through my own struggle with weight and shame that a fully integrative approach is a prerequisite to healing. Along that journey I refused to try to be something that I am not… I couldn’t fathom wearing a suit and going to work in a cubicle cage everyday. I am who I am, what’ ya see is what ya get. I make no pretense and I make no adjustment for it. You can rest in the knowing that I have no objective for you but the one you have for yourself. I have no agenda to push, no path that I want you to be on. I am a facilitator for you to uncover your way and a teammate to help you follow that path to your ultimate self expression.



So if you’re curious about me, here’s a few tidbits about my many sides of self…

My early childhood obsession with comics and the HULK were perfectly "normal". One day I noticed that the transformation of Bruce Banner into the HULK was a perfect metaphor for so much around the human psyche… emotions manifest, the sides of humanity, intellect, rage, heart, protector of inner self, and so much more. I think there’s a little HULK in all of us. I can often be found talking about what your childhood is trying to share with you.



Fate put me on the ice at age 11 and my heart never left the rink. I’ve been an avid player ever since. Hockey is my moving meditation; my place of freedom, speed, expression, and play. Play is such an important and impactful way to connect with your true self. I find play so important to our growth and integration of new information that I include it wherever I can.


Cali born and raised, I’ve always been surrounded by diversity to explore… in nature, in people, and in thought. I was raised to be an observer. At the heart of it, that’s what I am, an observer of people. And in the nearly two decades that I have been studying the interplay of human systems I have observed quite a few things. I think this observation of what’s unique in all of us allows me to release “my way” and be more able to open up the way for you to see and connect with your inner selves.


I’M NOT A “Life Coach"

I guide you through your journey to holistic health. ‘Life Coaching’ is often about head centered activities instead of heart centered growing. I am not here to get you to follow MY way of living your life. I am here to guide you into yourself to uncover how you got to where you are, why you are stuck there, and how you can move beyond that to live the life that you desire to live in the way that you desire to live it. 

I’m not a “Functional Medicine Doctor” 

Functional medicine is a tool in my toolbox to support you on your journey however I don’t stop there. A medical professional prescribes a treatment and sends you on your way to implement it. I go with you for the ride. I go beyond the physical body to the mental, emotional and environmental factors that are contributing to what you are experiencing. 

I’m not a “Guru” 

No one but you can be an expert about your mind and body. I am not here to heal you. I am here to help guide you on the path to healing yourself. You are truly your own Guru.


Physical activity is an essential part of living a healthy life. I work with people near and far to create a plan for physical activity that empowers, uplifts and strengthens them. But, that’s not where we start. There is a lot to uncover, discover and learn before diving into a exercise and activity. Starting here from a diminished physical state can do more harm than good. 

Jator Pierre Profile



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Holistic Emotional Coaching

Digestive Disorders

Weight Loss / Obesity

Diabetes / Blood Sugar Regulation 

Acne / Skin Conditions

Stress management

High Blood Pressure


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


Degrees and Certifications

B.S., Kinesiology, SJSU

National Board Certified Health and Wellness and Coach

Kresser Institute Mentor Coach

C.H.E.K Institute Faculty

Advanced Holistic Inner Coach, The Holistic Coaching Institute, OH

ADAPT trained practitioner Kresser Institute

C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 4

C.H.E.K Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach Level 3

N.S.C.A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

C.H.E.K Exercise Coach

N.A.S.M Performance and Evaluation Specialist

Emei Qi-gong Practitioner Level 1

Week-long Mentorships

Institute of Human Performance, FL, Mentorship 1

EXOS Performance, AZ, Mentorships 1, 2, 3 (Invitation only)





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